About Us

Dr. AquaPlus has a perception to create a safe and healthy living of its customers in the society by providing advanced water purifiers and vacuum cleaners. We are leading in the industry by providing water purifiers and vacuum cleaners which have been implemented by the superior technology.The drinking water nowadays is full of dirt and is unsafe for drinking. Keeping this in mind we produce water purifiers with the latest RO and UV technology that provide safe drinking water for its users. The vacuum cleaners provided by Dr.AquaPlus are hand-held and make your cleaning process easier. It is well built with high efficiency in letting you clean hard surfaces at an ease.

Our products can be purchased from our online store which saves your time in shopping. Products purchased from us include benefits like free installation and demo service of the product by trained technicians. You can also apply online for AMC to continue the benefits of the product. Dr.AquaPlus offers a wide range of water purifiers and hand-held vacuum cleaners in order to create a safe and healthy environment for human existence. By providing world-class water purifiers we create a sustainable relationship with our customers and satisfy all their needs in providing safe water for drinking.